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Stop Fakin Trilogy

Stop Fakin Trilogy DVD


Image of Stop Fakin Trilogy DVD

The Washington, DC based Stop Fakin Trilogy DVD includes five full-length videos: Stop Fakin 3, 2 and 1, $14 the Hard Way and Bleed Da Block 3.

Stop Fakin 3 features parts from: Manny Law, Beemon Johnson, Shane Wallington, Aaron T. Brown, Mikey Payne, Zach Dykes, Chris Teta, George Hanuschak, Neal Wood, Wayne Morrison, Stan Karbine, Jason Sinnawi, Chris Bota, Walt Wolfe, Devon Connell, Jersey Dave, Scott Luvison, Daniel Kim, John Francomacaro, Kevin Augustine and many more.

Check out some of the parts from Stop Fakin 3:
Daniel Kim and John Francomacaro
Pulaski Section
Kevin Augustine
George Hanuschak
Streets Section

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